Blogger Outreach Link-Building Service

100% Done For You Managed Link-Building

Backlinks are crucial for SEO success but link outreach can be challenging and time-consuming

Our blogger outreach service is a complete done-for-you monthly link building service where you set a monthly budget and we handle everything else from link planning through to live link placements.

What Our Clients Have to Say

What Outreach Link-Building Can Do For You

1. Higher Rankings

Links can significantly boost your keyword rankings by powering up your main target pages and your overall sites

2. Increase Website Power

Each backlink compounds over time strengthening your website and boosting rankings across your entire site.

3. More Traffic

As your keywords rank higher your traffic will follow as you claim more of the traffic pie from your competitors.

4. More Revenue

As your keywords rank higher your traffic will follow as you claim more of the traffic pie from your competitors.

What Is Our Blogger Outreach Service?

This is our Premier Link Building Service where we secure hyper-relevant backlinks for you and manage everything for you from picking the target pages each month, to reporting on the live links.

We do all the SEO heavy lifting for you understanding your SEO objectives and picking target pages designed to meet these objectives.

We also analyze the anchor text profile of each of your target pages and craft anchor text plans to ensure you’re anchors are not over-optimized for any keywords which could result in a penalty.

This service is perfect for someone looking for a 100% hands off outreach link-building partner.

Who Should Use Our Blogger Outreach Service?

Our blogger outreach service is a good fit for you if you fall into one of the following categories

#1 You’re unsure about selecting target pages, and anchor text.

Our blogger outreach service allows you to leverage our knowledge as SEO and link-building professionals while you concentrate on the things you do best.

#2 You don’t have the time to do it yourself.

Link building can be an extremely tedious and time-consuming process requiring lots of know-how.Our recurring monthly blogger outreach service allows you to set it and forget it.

"Genuine white-hat outreach links from high quality, authoritative domains that have boosted my traffic and revenue significantly. I love the team and highly recommend them."
Nate Tsang
Nate Tsang
Founder & CEO -

How Our Blogger Outreach Service Works

We’ve built thousands of high quality outreach backlinks using our 11-step process.

#1 Link & Anchor Planning

Create a link and anchor text plan designed to target and rank your most important pages and the pages.

#2 Competitor Analysis

Identify and analyze your competitors link profiles to see where their best links are coming from so we can expand on that.

#3 Campaign Strategy

Develop multiple outreach campaign strategies to kick off your project along with email the outreach pitch angles.

#4 Prospecting

Build a list of relevant, high-quality websites we can reach out to.

#5 Email Outreach

Craft and send well-written, custom emails that are hyper-relevant to the prospects and will not embarrass your brand.

#6 Negotiation

Respond to email replies and negotiate link placement on your behalf.

#7 Quality Control

Before each link goes live it must pass our proprietary quality control process to maximize the impact on your rankings and traffic.

#8 Content Creation

Our expert content writers will craft guest post content that meets the prospects requirements while highlighting your brand.

#9 Publishing & Review

We deliver the published article to the prospect and follow up relentlessly until it’s published. We review the article to ensure all the details are correct.

#10 Real-time Reporting

Once the link is live your personal reporting dashboard is updated along with some key metrics such as Ahrefs traffic and DR.

#11 Review & Re-Plan

Each month we review rankings and recreate your link plan for the following month.

As a solo SEO consultant it’s great to have a trusted link-building partner I can refer my clients to. I know that my clients will have a pleasant experience and their links will be delivered on time.
Scott Moses
Technical SEO Consultant -

Why Choose

Our process builds relevant links from real websites which will mitigate the risk of a Google unnatural links penalty while also building up your domain strength and driving rankings for your target keywords.

1. Flexible Budgets

Set you budget and choose the number of links you want each month (starting from 5).

2. Quality Control

Our quality control process and campaign strategy for our blogger outreach service is world-class.

3. Simple Ordering Process

Our ordering dashboard makes it super simple for you to place orders, track progress and communicate with our team.

4. Dedicated Support

We will provide you unmatched support. You can request an update anytime in our dashboard and you will receive an update within 24 hours.

5. 100% Hands Off

We handle everything for you from link planning to live link reporting wit no steps skipped.

6. Speedy 30-Day Turnaround Times

Our slick internal processes ensure that your links go live within 30 days from the time of your order.

7. Guaranteed Link Uptime

We guarantee all links for up to one year. In the rare event that a webmaster takes your link down, we’ll get it back up or replace it for free.

8. Link Replacement Guarantee

If you don’t like any of the guest post links we build for you we will replace it for free of charge, no questions asked.

9. 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction, guaranteed. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the link quality, we offer a full refund, no questions asked.

I've known Scott for around 3 years now. He's honest, knowledgeable, and a great communicator. When people ask me for a link-building service I always recommend him and
Johnathan Solorzano
Founder & CEO -

Blogger Outreach Link Quality Criteria

As this is our premier link-building service we have ultra high standards for these links.

Ahrefs Link Metrics

1) Average DR 40 (Min Ahrefs DR 20)

2) Average traffic 5k (Min Ahrefs Traffic 1k)

3) Traffic Location
A minimum of 50% of traffic will come from English-speaking countries (US, CA, UK, AUS etc).

4) Steady Traffic Trend (Ahrefs)
Each linking site will not have a 70% or greater traffic drop in the past 6 months.

Outbound Link Exclusion

Each link opportunity will contain no outbound links to sites in the following niches:

1) Online casino & gambling sites

2) Porn sites

3) Viagra sites

You may also include any additional niches you wish to avoid.

Write For Us Page Policy

We will exclude sites with a “write for us” page if there is any mention of a money exchange.

If there is no mention of money we will proceed to pursue a link from the site provided all other link criteria are met.

Link Insertion & Guest Post Policy

We build links via guest posts and link insertions in existing articles.

We don’t stick to any specific ratio of guest posts to link insertions however a typical ratio would be 70% guest posts and 30% link insertions.

Paid Link Farm Exclusion Policy

We avoid building links from paid link farms by:

1) Sticking to sites that are topically focused and avoiding sites that cover any topic, even if they pass the metric filter.

2) Avoiding sites that appear to link out to anyone that pays, even if the site is topically focused.

How We Determine Relevance

The topic of the linking page will be contextually relevant to the target page we are linking to.

We don’t require the entire prospect’s website to be topically relevant but the pages will be relevant enough that the link we place appear natural.

Outreach Exclusion List

1) We use Ahrefs to identify and exclude any domains you already have links from so we don’t outreach to them again.


2) During the onboarding process we will ask you for any links you have previously built so we can exclude these also.

3) We will not build more than one link to your site from the same prospect’s website.

Monthly Outreach Link Pricing

Minimum 5 Links Per Month Per Site
$ 289 Per Link
  • Average DR 40
  • Average Traffic 5,000
  • Niche Relevant
  • Page Level Relevance
  • Do-follow Link
  • 30 Day TAT
  • Unlimited Link Strategy Sessions
  • Minimium 3 Month Commitment
  • Link Replacement Guarantee

No Questions Asked
Link Replacement Guarantee

If for any reason you don’t like any of the links we build for you we will replace the link for you free of charge – No questions asked.

Guest Posting FAQS

Blogger outreach is simply the act of reaching out to other websites and negotiating a link placement on their website that points back to your website.

Yes, provided you work with a reputable service that focuses on quality and relevance. Avoid working with services that use spammy tactics or publish on low-quality sites, as this can harm your SEO.

Anyone aiming to expand their online presence can benefit from a guest posting service. This includes businesses, website owners, and individuals seeking to improve their website’s search engine ranking and attract more visitors.

Link-building can improve your SEO by generating high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites, enhancing your site’s credibility and visibility. It helps increase your domain authority, improve keyword rankings, and drive more organic traffic to your site.

Yes, over time the more links you have pointing back to your website the higher your Domain Authority can be.

Our blogger outreach links are from niche-specific sites. The site may not be in your exact niche but the article the link is placed in will be topically relevant to your target URL.

Yes. All the links we build will be from real, high-quality sites that are relevant to your target pages.

Our blogger outreach links are built using a combination of guest posts and link insertions.

Yes, we will create a link plan designed to target and rank your most important keywords.

No, we have existing email personas that we have built out which we will use to email prospects from.

Yes, you have the option to review the sites before we move forward with the guest post if you like. Just let us know on the ordering form.

The first 1-2 months can sometimes be a challenge but we’re very good at hitting monthly link targets. In the rare case where we miss a target, we will make it up the following month.

Our team of dedicated, full-time writers will craft compelling, informative, and engaging articles that resonate with the target audience.

Yes, if you wish to provide the guest post articles let us know on the ordering form. Please note that we do not offer a discount for this.

We guarantee all links for 1 year. In the unlikely event that a link is removed, we will get the link back up or replace it at no additional cost.

Yes, we can build links from country TLDs but please book a call first to discuss. We suggest building some links from .com domains and some from your desired TLD.

Currently, we only offer blogger outreach services for English websites.

Our team includes writers specializing in various industries, which allows us to write content on technical or niche topics while ensuring accurate and insightful content.

We may not serve industries that are overly controversial, regulated, or outside our expertise realm. If your niche falls into one of these categories please contact us before ordering to ensure we can deliver.

This largely depends on how many links you already have in comparison to your competition. If you need help on this go ahead and book a free backlink strategy call and we’ll help you do a competitor link gap analysis.

This largely depends on how many links you already have in comparison to your competition. If you need help on this go ahead and book a free backlink strategy call and we’ll help you do a competitor link gap analysis.

The time it takes to see results can vary. Some sites experience improved rankings with a small link campaign, while others may take several months to gain traction. It largely depends on your existing authority and on-site SEO.

Success can be easily measured through a combination of metrics such as improvements in target keyword rankings, organic search impressions, clicks and traffic.

Our link planning process is done by an SEO expert who will make notes for you if there are any on-site SEO issues we think you should address.

No, these are not PBN links and are not owned by us.

Yes, all links will be do-follow to ensure you receive the maximum SEO benefit.

Yes, you are welcome to change the target pages as often as you like and we will update our link plans.

Yes, you are welcome to give us the anchor text for each link if you like.

During onboarding, you will be given a link tracking Google Sheet which will contain your link plan, links that are in progress, and links that are live.

This sheet is updated with live data and also contains a monthly dashboard view of the live links built each month.

After you sign up you will be redirected to a short onboarding form so we can gather some information about your site. The form typically takes around 5 minutes to complete.

What Our Clients Have to Say