Pet Food eCommerce Store Case Study

Pet Food eCommerce Store Link Building Case Study

Quick Stats

  • Live Links won to date: 55
  • Average Ahrefs DR: 35
  • Average Monthly Ahrefs Traffic: 44,729

About The Client

This client is an Australian company that formulates ultra-premium raw and dry dog food. This link-building project came to us through the agency that was managing their overall SEO campaign. The owner of the SEO agency was looking for relevant links from other sites in the pet niche. Lucky for us we’ve been working with pet sites since 2016 and have a ton of experience securing hyper-relevant links in this niche.

When we started the project, the site was only a DR25 and was coming up against some big sites in the Australian pet food market.

They wanted a steady link velocity of 5 links per month and they wanted to stick to links from pet sites. They had previously attempted to secure links from some marketplaces but quickly ran out of high-quality, relevant link opportunities.

Our Campaign Strategy

We know this niche well so it was easy for us to hit the ground running.

There were three core pages we were focused on for this client:

  1. Their homepage to build up their domain authority
  2. Their main category page for product type 1
  3. Their main category page for product type 2

The first part of this project was link planning. We crafted their link plan to heavily target these pages while taking care not to over-optimize their anchor text ratios. We also targeted some supporting blog posts they had published and helped them build internal links from these articles back up to their main category pages with keyword-rich anchors to boost their topical relevance.

Since this Shopify store primarily sells premium food for dogs, we got to work by breaking down the dog niche into the various sub-niches and started prospecting. Breaking a large niche like dogs down into sub-niches like dog food, dog training, and so on helps to identify scraping footprints and find more relevant prospects.

With thousands of high-quality, relevant prospects to fuel the outreach machine, it was just a matter of sending emails and negotiating link placements with those that responded.


Pet Ecom case study traffic Ahrefs

To date, we’ve built 55 links with an average DR of 35 and an average monthly organic traffic of 44,729 (which is exceptional), according to Ahrefs. We’ve managed to hit our monthly link target of 5 links per month, every single month since we began, all with zero hands-on work from the client.

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