Finance SaaS Link Building Case Study

Financial SaaS Link Building Case Study

Quick Stats

  • Live Links won to date: 1046
  • Average Ahrefs DR: 51
  • Average Monthly Ahrefs Traffic: 28,632

About The Client

This client came on board towards the end of 2020 and had a very long-term objective of achieving massive SEO traction in a competitive niche, in order to drive customers to their stock analysis SaaS tool.

The client wanted to scale and build around 40-50 links per month on a consistent basis but was unable to achieve anywhere near this volume while maintaining a high level of quality and relevance by buying from marketplaces.

They knew they needed a small team of people to build this many links for a sustained period of time but they did not have the bandwidth to build and manage a team in-house. They decided to test out a few different link-building agencies and lucky for us, was the winning agency!

When we started working with them they already had a DR of 42 and a very effective content strategy that we knew we could leverage to secure them amazing links over a long period of time.

Our Campaign Strategy

Building links at this type of scale presents some unique challenges such as:

#1 Team – We needed to build a small dedicated team to build and keep this machine running. We assigned a number of dedicated link prospectors, one writer, a campaign strategist, and an outreach manager to this project.

#2 Sending Volumes – The sheer number of emails we needed to send on a daily basis meant that we needed to create a large number of outreach email personas and carefully manage the daily sending volumes of each one to maintain a high deliverability rate.

#3 Outreach Angles – Due to the high volume of emails going out we needed to come up with new outreach angles multiple times per week to feed the outreach machine.

#4 Quality Control – With this many links flying in we needed to ensure we maintained our high standard of quality and not let it slip over time. We have a dedicated quality controller on our team that ensures every link is double-checked before it goes live.

In terms of strategy, there were two main outreach strategies we used to secure links for this client over time.

The first was to focus on building up the overall domain authority of the site by leveraging the amazing industry stats pages the client had created. Their content team was producing new stats pages on a regular basis so we ran outreach to secure links from competing articles, plus we brainstormed different outreach angles we could use to build hyper-relevant links to these pages.

Here is an example of this: One of the stats pages the client had produced was a page detailing financial information about the car company Tesla. Some of the outreach angles we used to secure links to this page were to target niches such as cars/auto and green energy/sustainability sites. Links from sites in these niches were all super relevant to the topic of Tesla Motors.

We focused all our link-building efforts on the stats pages for the first 12 months to build up the domain authority and ranking power of the site overall. In total, we’ve built 723 links to these stats pages so far and increased the Ahrefs Domain Rating of the site to DR71.

During the second year, we started to focus some of our links on commercial pages to help the client boost traffic directly to revenue-generating pages on their site. We could still leverage the stats pages in our initial outreach but during the negotiation stage with prospects, we could pitch them on linking to a commercial page instead of a stats page.

Sometimes this works and sometimes they actually agree to link to both pages. In total, we’ve built 323 links to commercial pages so far.

The client has detailed revenue tracking set up for each page on his site so each month he is able to point out the highest-value pages to us and we can focus our link-building efforts on those.


To date, we’ve built a whopping 1046 links with an average DR of 51 and an average monthly organic traffic of 28,632 according to Ahrefs. We’ve been able to consistently win 40 links per month over a long period of time and eliminated the need for the client to build and manage their own internal outreach team.

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