CBD Lead Gen Link Building Case Study

CBD Lead Generation Link Building Case Study

Quick Stats

  • Live Links won to date: 35
  • Average Ahrefs DR: 38
  • Average Monthly Ahrefs Traffic: 10,497

About The Client

This client is one of the first lead generation sites in the CBD niche in Australia. With CBD not yet legalized in Australia, the client came to us wanting to establish their presence as the dominant SEO player in the niche in anticipation of law changes.

When we started work they already had a DR of 29, which was very respectable for that niche given they were targeting Australian keywords.

They wanted a steady link velocity of 5 links per month and they wanted to stick to links from other CBD sites and health sites. They had previously attempted to secure links from some marketplaces but found the opportunities they were presented with were mostly low-quality link farms.

It can be quite difficult to build links from high-quality sites for clients in niches like CBD, plus the health niche is littered with low-quality link farms so we had our work cut out for us!

Our Campaign Strategy

This client has a few key pages on their site that they wanted to rank, so we created the link plan based on building links directly to these pages, but with the understanding that many of the links we built would need to go to informational pages also. High-quality sites will often not link to overly commercial content, especially in a niche such as CBD.

The first thing we did in the campaign research stage was to comb through the backlink profiles of their site and some of the top CBD sites in the US to look for natural link patterns we could expand upon.

Apart from the obvious campaigns targeting other CBD sites and general health sites, our research uncovered some interesting outreach angles that we used in our campaign. Some of the angles we uncovered were:

  • CBD for Stress & Mental Health
  • CBD for Pets
  • CBD for Pain Relief
  • CBD for Gut Health

The client had already published content on these topics so we were able to build links to these pages and use internal links to push link juice around the site and boost the rankings of their highest-value pages.


To date, we’ve built 35 links with an average DR of 38 and an average monthly organic traffic of 10,497 according to Ahrefs. We’ve been able to deliver 5 links per month on a consistent basis in a difficult niche, all with zero hands-on work from the client.

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