Link-Building Affiliate Referral Program

You send me the leads and I pay you when they close.

If you know someone, or have an audience who could be a good fit for the link-building service I would love to partner with you to and connect with them.

What We Do at specializes in doing custom email outreach to build relevant, clean white hat backlinks for our clients’ websites.

We sell both 1-off link packages and recurring monthly outreach link-building plans.

Our Referral Fee

For every client you refer I will pay you a one-off affiliate payment when they close. The amount I will pay you varies depending on the size of the package they order as follows:

  • $500 if they order 5 links
  • $750 if they order between 5 and 10 links
  • $1,000 if they order 10 links or more

Many of my new clients start off with 5 links per month and scale up once they see the quality of the links we build. If you refer a client that starts at 5 links and eventually upgrades l will pay you the difference.

For Example:

If a client comes on for 5 links per month I will pay you $500 when they close.

If that client EVER upgrades from 5 links to 10 links per month at any point in the future I will pay you an extra $500.

As a solo SEO consultant it’s great to have a trusted link-building partner I can refer my clients to. I know that my clients will have a pleasant experience and their links will be delivered on time.

Plus the referral payments are a nice additional revenue stream.
Scott Moses
Technical SEO Consultant -

Active Client Statistics

Here are some stats on our current client base:

  • Around 40% of our clients order 5 links per month.
  • Around 10% of our clients order between 5 and 10 links per month.
  • Around 15% of our clients order 10 links per month.
  • Around 35% of our clients order more than 10 links per month.

How to Refer People

You can simply send a simple email introduction to me at and the lead. You can say really nice things about me if you like, but it’s not required.

Affilate Referral Tracking

I have my own internal referral tracking spreadsheet but since I do discovery calls with 99% of clients I close, tracking is very difficult with existing affiliate tracking software.

Referrals generate a significant amount of business for me so I do a very good job at following up to ensure I make ALL referral payments on time.

If you want to track this on your end the best way for you to track if leads have converted on your end is to touch base with the person you referred to see if they signed up.

Getting Paid

Referral payments are manually processed when the client officially signs up and pays me. I’m reasonably flexible with payment methods but I prefer to make payments via bank transfers, Wise, or PayPal in that order.

I've known Scott for around 3 years now. He's honest, knowledgeable, and a great communicator. When people ask me for an SEO or link-builder I always recommend him and
Johnathan Solorzano
Founder & CEO -

My Sales Approach

I have very little sales training but I’m very good at SEO and link-building so I can quickly diagnose any issues that may be holding a website back and pointing out exactly what “good” looks like.

People tend to resonate with this more technical approach as opposed to being sold on “dream outcomes” without any real substance.

Sales Assets You Can Use

There are 3 main sales assets that work really well to build trust with potential clients:

On discovery calls I can also show potential clients some examples of live links I’ve built in the past that are relevant to their website.

Promoting to Your Audience

If you have an existing audience or website I’m very open to helping you to create offers and content. Some examples are:

  • Creating an offer specifically for your audience. Some examples of offers I have run the past include:
    • Discount coupons for the first month
    • A few free links (with no payment required)
  • Writing copy for a sales page that can go on your website.
  • Writing a one off email, or an email sequence for your list (with an offer).
  • Writing a one off post, or a sequence of posts for your social media audience (with an offer).

What Our Clients Have to Say


Q: Can I see some of the links you have built in the past?

A: Absolutely! Hit me up and I can through some of the previous campaigns I’ve run and links I’ve built.

Q: What if I refer someone to you that is already in your network?

A: If you refer someone that I already know and they purchase links I will honor the referral program agreement and you will still be paid out.

Q: Can I generate affiliate commissions from my own orders?

A: No – This is kinda shady isn’t it?

Q: Can we set up some kind of Zapier automation to track my referrals?

A: Yes we can. If you plan to drive a significant number of referrals I can certainly set up some custom, automated tracking systems for you.

Q: Do you have a recurring recurring payment option?

A: No. I only do one-off payments for referral but check out my white-label option where you can mark up our service as much as you want and earn monthly recurring income.

I genuinely want to build and maintain long term relationships with referral partners. If you have any other questions, please reach out to me at

Getting Started

If you’d like to discuss a potential affiliate or referral partnership, please reach out to me at or book a call using the link below.