Live Link Examples

Why The Hell Would You Show Me This?

I know first hand what it feels like when you’re about to invest a significant amount of money into a link-building service and all you have to go by is a few vague case studies on a website with images of big traffic spikes.

Since I have the unique advantage of actually being an active SEO and not just a service agency owner, I designed our link criteria to ensure we only win clean, relevant links and avoid building toxic spammy links that will harm your site. 

In addition to showing you these links, I’ve included a video walk through below showing exactly how we do campaign research to win these types of links.

You can decide for yourself if our service is a good fit for you. If you like what you see you can book a call and we can talk about link-building for your website.

The spreadsheet below contains the REAL LIVE LINKS we built for one of our portfolio websites:

Bonus Video - A Look Under the hood

For we ran several different campaigns targeting the following niches:

    • Jewelry
    • Fashion
    • Weddings

We came up with these niche ideas by looking through our own backlink profile, and some key competitors to find natural link patterns.

The video below shows a real over-the-shoulder example of how we:

    1. Break these broad niches down into sub-categories
    2. Dig into these niches to find specific keywords to scrape

Going deep like this helps us maximize the number of relevant prospects we can reach out to and avoid “general” link farm sites.

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